If you are a person with a desire to protect your nation, you may be advised to consider joining your nation’s defense forces. And as you will come to learn, there are two levels at which you can join the said defense forces.

The first scenario is where you join the defense forces as a recruit, to graduate into a non commissioned officer.

The second scenario is where you join the defense forces as an officer cadet, to graduate as a commissioned officer. This is preferable, as you automatically get a higher rank, better pay, better education, and ‘elite’ status. Unfortunately, competition for places at the military academies is very stiff, and even if you have the right qualifications, you may still need political connections. This is given the fact that you have to be ‘nominated’ by a congressman or congresswoman, to be enlisted as a cadet.

Whichever level you join the defense forces, the good thing is that you are likely to get solid training that will serve you well for life. You will also be trained on how to deal with authority, so that you are well adjusted, and you never end up having to communicate with the outside world through, say, the Corrlinks prison email that being, specifically, a prison email system whose website address is www.corrlinks.com. The truth of the matter is that most military veterans are model citizens, who hardly ever get into trouble with the law.

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